PT NINDYA KARYA(Persero) is State-Owned Enterprise in Construction Services that has a long history and experience in its core business lines in construction services. Starting from the result of nationalization of the Dutch Company NV Nederlands Aanemings Maatschappy (NEDAM) Vorheen Firma H.F.Boersma, based on Government Regulation No. 59 of 1961. Then based on the Government Regulation No. 11/1972 and Decree of Minister of Finance No. 91/MK/IV/3/1973 and notarial deed of Kartini Moeljadi SH No. 76, on March 15, 1973 PT NINDYA KARYA was established as a Limited Liability Company which became PT NINDYA KARYA (Persero).


PT NINDYA KARYA (Persero) currently is operating throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, devided into five Business Units consisting of five Division Offices covering Aceh, North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Riau, South Sumatra, Bengkulu, Lampung, Jambi, Riau Islands, throughout Borneo, Central Java, East Java, Bali, West Nusa Tengggara and East Nusa Tenggara, throughout Sulawesi, Maluku, North Maluku, Papua, West Papua, West Java, Banten, and Greater Jakarta.


At present PT NINDYA KARYA (Persero) is commited to improving the performance of the company through "Nindya Reborn" based on the Government Regulation No. 69 of 2012 by restructuring the company comprehensively in company's logo, vision, mission, core values, cultures, finance, organization, HR and systems, in order to become a smart and knowledge and technology-based company. This commitment is built with a high spirit for focus on customers and strong desire to produce quality products.


Employees' increased competency is a particular concern to the company in order to make employees to be more excellent and tough, being professional in their fields. It is noted that out of a total 673 employees of PT NINDYA KARYA (Persero) throughout Indonesia, 568 people are graduates of Bachelor Degree abd Master Degree in Engineering and non-Engineering, 105 persons are Diploma in Engineering and Non Engineering.


As an experienced national contruction company, we profoundly work fast and with accurate quality to meet customer satisfaction by orientation to mutual beneficialy cooperation and grow with a partners. And in the same spirit, we always improve the performance in the future.   


Menjadi perusahaan konstruksi dan investasi terkemuka berbasis excellent engineering di Asia Tenggara


  • Membangun kepercayaan yang kuat bagi pelanggan utama dan Pemangku Kepentingan lainnya (Stakeholder).
  • Memberikan nilai tambah yang tinggi dan berkesinambungan bagi Pemegang Saham.
  • Mengembangkan usaha konstruksi yang mempunyai daya saing tinggi baik di Indonesia maupun di Asia Tenggara.
  • Mengembangkan Investasi bidang Infrastruktur, Energi, Industri Konstruksi dan Properti di Indonesia.
  • Turut serta memelihara kelestarian lingkungan yang berkelanjutan.
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