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PT NINDYA KARYA (Persero) is State Owned Enterprise (SOE) engaged in construction services which has a long experience in infrastructure development in Indonesia. Starting from the nationalization of the Dutch company NV Nederlanse Aaneming Maatschappij (NEDAM) Vorheen H.F Boersma firm, in compliance with Government Regulation 59 of 1961, it became PN. Nindya Karya. Then based on the Government Regulation No. 11/1972 about the change of State Enterprise to Limited Liability Company, and deed of Notary Kartini Moeljadi S.H No. 76 on March 15, 1973, then the PN. NINDYA KARYA turned into a limited liability company; PT NINDYA KARYA (Persero).

Business development it has been going through over 40 years with branches operating throughout the territory of Indonesia, has made PT NINDYA KARYA (Persero) very reliable in executing large-scale infrastructure projects, such as roads and bridges, highways, high-rise buildings, dams, irrigation, docks, airports, factories, railways, pipeline networks, power plants and so on, as well as a focus on customer satisfaction through faster execution time, accurate quality and cost competitive, meeting the expectations of shareholders and employees.

The Management recognizes that business competition is getting tougher and open as a result of economic globalization and the increasing good governance demand. For that the management has restructured the company's business concept, with the concept of Reborn to be smart and knowledge-based organization". There are 3 main things that become the focus of management in restructuring the business concept, by reformulating the corporate cultures of develop human resources which are professional, internalization of corporate culture values have the mental attitude of commitment, competitive, customer focus, care, competence and able to work more effective and efficient. Improving the capital structure and the confidence level of financial institutions, as well as streamlining operating system and procedures to work faster and accurately.

With the trusts and supports of all parties, we are ready to work hard, grow rapidly to realize our vision to become one of "To become the leading excellent engineering-based construction and investment company in Southeast Asia".

Indradjaja Manopol
President Director

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