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Precast System Nindya Spircon

About Nindya Spircon

In 2004, Prefabricated Structures Nindya SpirCON system created in order to support government programs in providing a simple apartment lease (rental public housing) for low-income communities (MBR). Since then, this structural system has been used for a variety of building functions, such as office buildings, college buildings, and apartment buildings. Precast Structures System Nindya SpirCON been applied to the four-story rental public housing development up to six different regions in Indonesia, namely: Medan, Bekasi, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Pontianak, Jakarta and Makassar. While for office buildings and courses have been built in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta and Surabaya Wijaya Kusuma University Campus. Related to the above, the PT Nindya Karya (Persero) is planning to develop Nindya SpirCON Precast Structures System as a structural system that can be applied to medium-rise buildings, which can be applied in buildings other than rusunawa & Rusunami, can also be applied to other buildings, such as buildings apartments, offices, shops, and others. For that, before the application, needs a research and development that takes into account technical and economic aspects and environment.

System Structure

The connections used in precast structural system Nindya SpirCON wet where the connection is a connection between the reinforcement in the area of joints between precast components used in the form of spiral reinforcement is placed at the second meeting. A form of this connection is intended to improve the adhesion between the reinforcement with the method of restraint between the reinforcement (rebar overlapping confinement) so as to distribute the loads that occur as the strength of the reinforcement without sambungan.Material SpirCON is wrapped around a spiral shape at a meeting of inter-reinforcement

Basic Principles

Monolithic structure (unified and sustainable)

Planning in accordance with the conventional:
and load combinations
load factor
strength reduction factor
strong column-weak beam


Configuring connections

Columns - Foundations
Columns - Columns
Columns - Beams
Plates - Beams

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