PT Nindya Karya's Association

Indonesian Contractors Association

AKI or ICA (Indonesian Contractors Association ) is an association which has goal To promote and encourage a highly reliable, independent, productive, accountable and competitive National construction industry either in National or International market.

The Association of Indonesian Water Works Contractors

AKAINDO is an association that handling Mechanical and Environmental Field Procedures


Aklindo an association that collects enterprises and individual business electricity as a forum to be able to organize aspirations, common interests, the management of information and knowledge that the Electricity Contractors Association of Indonesia abbreviated Aklindo


APINDO is an association which is created to make good climate for business world in indonesia.


APPAKSI (Indonesian Heavy / Construction Equipment Ownership Association) is an association that serves as a forum for communication, consultation and information among members, members and LPJK, members and the Government

Mechanical Electrical Technics Enterprises Association

APTEK is an association that it's goal to enhance the professionalism of its entrepreneurs suppliers of goods and services mechanical and electrical engineering


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ARDIN INDONESIA serves as a container and vehicle for communication, information, representation, consultancy, facilities and the advocacy of Indonesian businessmen

Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia.

Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia. The Indonesian government ministry in charge of trade affairs.


GAPENRI (The Association of Indonesian National Engineering Companies) is associated business entities that facilitate the integrated construction service provider that large economic scale, high-tech, high-risk


Gapensi main object is to unified all contractors in indonesia and to make healthy competition in business between members and to make good contribution for nasional development.

Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Kadin is organization which has vision to committed to accomplish its vision of establishing a robust, inventive and competitive national business community at all Kadin institutional levels

Asphalt Concrete Association of Indonesia

AABI as a place of meeting of the executive services, construction of roads, bridges and foundation which has the AMP. The purpose of this association is to collect, cultivate, develop capabilities and activities and encourage business cooperation between companies similarity bound Concrete and Asphalt technology has AMP.

Indonesia Precast Prestressed Association

Containers set of observer, Interested, People, and actors individually and Board / Moving Companies in Precast Engineering, Scaffolding and Prestressed. Professional Association of Government as Partners in Development, Especially Balitbang

Indonesian National Committee on Large Dams

Certification of Expertise (SKA) Large Dams issued by KNI-BB (INACOLD) to its members a document acknowledging that such members have the competence and ability to perform activities in the field of Large Dams appropriate classification and qualifications.

Indonesia Association of Hydraulic Engineer

These organizations play in strengthening efforts to develop, utilize and disseminate knowledge, particularly in the field of hydro engineering; through education, training, seminars, research, and service to the community with a system that is more integrated and complement each other.

Indonesia Building Maintenance Association

With the scope includes building maintenance, cleaning, tidiness, checking, testing, repair and replacement of materials or equipment or buildings, and other activities based on the guidelines of building operation and maintenance.