To build from nothing to become something.. To preserve and renovate the existing ones to maintain it's beauty and to let it all become useful and meaningful of "development". Indeed, that is what we PT NINDYA KARYA is for Indonesia

Since it's establishment in 1961 ( become "Persero" in 1973) PT Nindya Karya (Persero) has been expanding rapidly and today with its 4 regional offices covering Sumatera, Central Java, Bali & Nusra, Sulawesi & Papua region and Construction & Property Division. The company feels confident that it is well represented in each and every Province of the country

in order to sustain its manifold activites in the field it has been able to realize, during the past three years, the procurement of a considerable number of heavy equipment thereby increasing tremendously the necessary implements. At this stage the company owns hundreds of heavy equipment units apart from large quantities of auxiliary equipment and accessories. Important too is its Road Pavement Equipment fleet whic are spread all over the country

Due consideration has been given to human resource development. There are ample opportunities to acquire additional education and to attend regular training sessions organized by the company to enable employees to adapt themselves to the requirements in this globalisations era and guide them into high tech. related fields. Of the total of 278 people employee by PT Nindya Karya (Persero) not less then 211 are academicians, consisting of university graduated engineers and bachelors of engineering.

Recording during the 2002 through 2005 period show that production figures Have been increasing with an average of +/- 54.50 % per annum as the result of the Accomplishment of such projects like irrigations, road building, bridge construction, High-rise building, etc. awarded through international and local tenders.

As proponents of the nation construction business we sincerely believe in our Motto that we must strive to fulfil our task to the complete satisfaction of our clients and in this self same spirit we shall continue to perform in the future.