Management System Policy

Management System Policy PT NINDYA KARYA (Persero)

All the Leaders and Employees of PT NINDYA KARYA (Persero) committed to improve the performance of the company to accompl i sh the company’s Vision Mission and the company’s Cultures Core Values consistently in implementation of :

1. Quality Management System.

2. Risk Management System in Achieving Business Results.

3. Safety Management System and Occupational Safety Health (OSH) to Prevent Accidents and Occupational Diseases.

4. Environmental Management System, to Create Work Processes That are Environmentally Friendly and Prevent Contamination

5. Information Protection Management System to Maintain Confidentiality and Provide Reliable Information.

6. Corporate Governance Guidelines Based on The Principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and Compliance in Meeting Prevailing Laws, Regulations, and other Requirements.