Nindya Karya Bersama Masjid Baitus Syuhada Galang Donasi Kemanusiaan untuk Palestina

20 December 2023

JAKARTA – Nindya Karya in collaboration with the Islamic Da'wah Coordinating Board (BKDI) Baitus Syuhada Nindya Mosque held a humanitarian donation action for Palestine, Wednesday (20/12). Taking place at the Baitus Syuhada Mosque, Nindya Building, this activity is a form of Nindya Karya's concern for the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

This donation raising activity, which was attended by all Nindya employees, was carried out in conjunction with a thematic study with the theme "Palestinian Priorities" to further strengthen understanding about Palestine.

It is hoped that this donation can ease the burden on the Palestinian people who are being hit by a humanitarian crisis. Apart from that, we must also always pray that peace and harmony in Palestine will happen soon. said Ustadz Tiar Anwar Bachtiar who was present as a speaker in the study.

Raising humanitarian donations is a form of Nindya Karya's concern for the social and humanitarian problems that occur in Palestine. This donation will be distributed to the Palestinian people to meet humanitarian needs such as food, medicine and other needs.


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